Our economy has seen high marks the last decade, we should strive to improve upon these high marks. The 37th district is made up of many small businesses, and we deserve more businesses and economic growth.

The onus should not be on small business owners to foot the bill because tax loopholes allow large corporations to dodge paying their fair share. We need a business tax code which encourages growth, and brings back jobs to this district. My goal is to seek legislation that strengthens this economy for consumers and business owners alike.

Our tax code is one that should ensure that everyone who is using a service will help contribute to the economy. We should seek an equal tax on capital gains just as though it were primary income, we should close those loopholes which complicate the tax system and allows many to not pay an equal amount, but we must let individuals decide what to do with the bulk of their money, not the government.



America has fallen in world rankings in education, many reasons caused this, but a solution is more important. We need to pay top notch for the best and brightest educators, and it is a necessity to increase the number of teachers working.

A goal of mine would be to implement more funding for education, children and school systems must have the right resources for success. There should be choices available, so more opportunities for students to attend public, charter, and magnet schools which fit their needs. We must take smart solutions to upgrade our public institutions, provide better facilities, newer technology, and we must provide the full support of our teachers who are at the forefront in molding our next leaders in this world.



I remain committed to the a pathway for citizenship for all who enter the country. When we talk about illegal immigration, we are talking about those individuals who contribute to American society, who pay sales taxes, property taxes, and more.  I support those who come here, build strong families, work hard, and who want to enhance a growing economy. I support the Dream Act and would like to introduce it again, and along with provisions to help others looking to join our melting pot.


Elections and Campaigns:

There is virtually no way we can get Congress to work hard if the members know they do not have to, the fix which I think works best is to seek term limits for the Senate and House. Politics should not be a life long job, especially when work is not done.

We have to curtail the buying of elections, too much money in politics is a barrier to change and accountability. The Supreme Court has made it difficult to stop buying elections. We can introduce legislation which prevents congress members from receiving contributions from industries in which they control via committee appointments.


The Environment:

Our planet is a huge value due to it being irreplaceable, this rock must be habitable by our offspring. This means we must act now for preservation. The Keystone Pipeline is a direction we should avoid, our route should be towards more renewable energy and clean options. I support signing of the Kyoto Protocol, as a nation we have a responsibility to reduce emissions.



As the largest Industrial country without universal coverage and who spends the most money on healthcare, we have a crisis. The Affordable Care Act was a great start, but universal coverage is a right, I think a Single Payer system best ensures this outcome.


Foreign Affairs:

Our great nation spends the most on national defense, armed conflict is an absolute last resort, but defense is a priority. We must curtail the proliferation of bases and operations in so many different countries, and use less costly and less antagonistic methods to promoting democracy around the globe. Our soldiers are a priority, they should be deployed to appropriate and critical areas.